Megabucks mean having it your way, complete with folding roof

Speaking of great names from Merrie Olde, here was a manufacturer’s release that caught our attention. Bentley, that vaunted name of yore, isn’t under British ownership anymore but it still produces some very desirable cars, including the ones it rolled out to mark its centenary this year. One of them is the new Bentley Continental GT convertible, which is expensive, so much so that Bentley hasn’t specified a suggested price in its media materials. But it does offer nearly unlimited opportunities to make the Continental GT your very own. Allow us to explain.

The Continental GT convertible’s top – or “hood,” as they say in the king’s English – is hand-crafted from tweed. That’s right, the same two-tone woven fabric that’s the basis for so many exclusively tailored, veddy British sport jackets for bespoke gentlemen. The tweed hood can be specified along with one of 17 basic exterior colors, with up to 45 shades offered by the Bentley works in an extended color range. Bentley also offers 15 carpeting options, another 15 choices of leather interior hides, eight different veneers for interior trim, and seven “hood” colors, including the tweed option. If you can’t find a selection that suits you with a universe this big, all we can say is, you’re pretty damned picky and good luck shopping elsewhere. Your dealer will be happy to provide particulars.

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