Sixty years of the Mini are recognized in Monterey

We probably ought to start out here with a little nomenclature talk. The Austin Mini, designed by the great Sir Alec Issigonis, was first introduced in 1959. BMW spells out its 60th anniversary of the landmark car, being marked this week at Monterey, as 60th anniversary of the MINI. The reason for the difference in capitalization is because BMW’s referred to the brand as MINI since it acquired it in 2000. Whatever, this is an important automotive milestone. Issigonis’ layout became the template for every transverse-powertrain, front-drive economy sedan that followed it.

BMW will show two examples of forthcoming MINI offerings at the celebration; these will be the MINI Cooper SE battery electric along with the forthcoming MINI John Cooper Works GP. Also on hand will be a host of historic cars from Mini’s British and German heritages, one being a U.S.-spec 1965 Mini Cooper with full rally equipment, a legendary competition car if there ever was one. The reveal and reunion will be Thursday at 9:45 a.m. PDT at The Lodge at Pebble Beach on 17-Mile Drive.

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