Reliving the history of Chevrolet during the magical 1950s

The new mid-engine Corvette’s introduction makes an interlude that studies Chevrolet’s glorious past particularly relevant. CarTech Inc. has a new title in its portfolio of automotive reading that’s entitled Chevrolet of the 1950s, with the subtitle “A Decade of Technical Innovation.” That’s an apt description both of the book and the reality of working at Chevrolet during that incredible decade.

The book is authored by noted Chevrolet and General Motors Motorama historian David W. Temple, and encompasses 192 paper-bound pages. Among its highlights are a look at cars that made it to production from the touring Motorama shows, starting with the original Corvette of 1953. Under the leadership of the great Ed Cole, Chevrolet was immersed in advanced engineering throughout the Fifties; the extraordinary evolution of the small-block V-8 engine and its raft of innovations warrants its own chapter here. Temple’s book is highly informative, and packaged in a size that’s a snap for the casual or time-pressed reader to negotiate. It’s priced at $36.95. CarTech publishes a lot of good titles like this; check the link to their website.

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