A hardtail street cruiser that boasts a Bavarian kick

We’ll say this much, BMW is no slacker when it comes to making a splash at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. First, the German giant announced its plans to display a re-creation of the BMW Garmisch concept car that mysteriously disappeared following its debut at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. For this year’s just-concluded Concorso at Lake Como, BMW also weighed in with this Motorrad motorcycle study, a conveyance that takes BMW’s traditional boxer twin and inserts it into a new, long-slung cruiser frame that can out-tough the most grizzled Harley-powered hardtail street bike.

We say “hardtail” only in the sense that the Motorrad Concept R18, as it’s called, boasts a deep-down saddle and bobtail rear fender. And check out the polygonal take on those exhaust exits, which curve perfectly to the shape of the rear tire and wheel. Unlike custom strippers of the 1950s, which the R18 evokes, a cantilever spring strut resides beneath the saddle to provide a measure of riding comfort. The bike’s basic lines come from a Japanese design house; the concept was crafted by Revival Cycles of Austin, Texas, a locale where cruiser and chopper motorcycles are well appreciated. No production plans have been announced, but can’t you just picture Billy Gibbons thump-thumping around on this bad boy?

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