Coming: A premium car magazine

For those who’ve never had the opportunity to do it, launching a new magazine on automobiles can be scary. In the back of your mind, you’re always hoping that everything goes right. When you decide to practice automotive journalism, you accept the fact that you’re going to be working to satisfy a dedicating, knowledgeable audience, which will immediately realize whether you’re delivering the goods or not. It’s daunting, and challenging, but if you get it right, the satisfaction is almost beyond description. That’s what this new magazine, now being assembled, is going to be all about. With the working title of Classic & Sports Car Quarterly, this book will be a definitive, no-compromises, premium-quality examination of American automotive history in all its iterations.

This magazine is the brainchild of my friend and longtime colleague Richard Lentinello, the former editor-in-chief at Hemmings Motor News. During our tenure on the Hemmings staff, we were involved in launching three new monthly magazines from scratch. That means we can both relate to the long hours of detailed work that go into creating each issue, and the pride that comes with putting a good issue to bed. It’s always, always, about the relationship between the magazine and its readers. And I can assure you that this title will never be any less than the very best in research, story crafting, photography and graphics. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m going to be one of its writers. The lead story in the inaugural issue tells the tale of the only Tucker 48 restored with the direct input and active participation of Preston Tucker’s descendants. Besides myself, the lineup of writers includes such A-listers in the world of automotive history and journalism as David LaChance, Ray Bohacz, Walt Gosden and Milton Stern. We’ll keep you up to date with particulars such as subscription information and a launch date as they develop. For now, place your trust in the truth that this magazine is going to be a very good ride for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Coming: A premium car magazine

  1. I hope the development and publishing of the new magazine is proceeding apace.; can’t wait to see it. I also hope the quality will equal that of the late, lamented Automobile Quarterly, even if the content will be somewhat different. best of luck.


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